The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. will present it's annual holidays small paintings show, "Take Me Home for the Holidays" at The Bannerman Island Gallery, located at 150 Main Street, in Beacon, NY, opening reception at 5pm on November 10th. (Beacon’s Second Saturday)

The show features small paintings by 13 noted Hudson Valley artists, featuring scenes from the Hudson Valley and Bannerman Island. This is an excellent way to support Bannerman Island and get to take home, a one of a kind painting capturing the beauty of The Hudson River Valley and Bannerman Island. A great holiday gift. There will be over 40 paintings in various mediums including: oils, acrylics and pastels.

Jamie Williams Grossman curates “Take Me Home for the Holidays Small Painting Show” Jamie is a Signature Member and Vice Chairman of New York Plein Air Painters (NYPAP). She is also the head of their Lower Hudson Valley Chapter.

Award winning artists include: Jeanne Demotses, Virginia Donovan, Carol Douglas, Carolyn H. Edlund, Gayle Clark Fedigan, Patti Ferrara, Jamie Williams Grossman, Deborah O'Keeffe, Mara Lehmann, Margaret Morales, Mary Mugele Sealfon, Robert Trondsen, and Nancy Woogen.

The Bannerman Island Gallery features a large array of paintings, prints, and photographs of Bannerman Island, Bannerman's Castle, and the Hudson River ―as well as many other types of Bannerman Island memorabilia and media. Many of the pieces displayed in the gallery are one of a kind, and are available for purchase. Fifty percent of the sale of artwork is donated to The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. for the preservation of Bannerman Island.

Plans for the Stage One Stabilization of the Main structures, The Tower and the # Two Warehouses have been approved by NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Support beams will be attached to the exterior of the walls, along with steal bracing to be used to support the fragile facades until more funds are raised for Phase Two. The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. is currently raising funds to match up to $150,000 from an EPF Grant. In 2011 The BCT stabilized The Bannerman Residence with new floors and a new roof. In October, the grand staircase, (Over and Under the Arch) was stabilized. In the 2012 season, Bannerman Island played host to The Opera Company of The Highland’s concert version of Show Boat, as well as to Hudson Valley Musicians who performed Bannerman Island on the third Sunday of every month.

Buy A Painting, Help Save a Hudson Valley Landmark!

The Bannerman Island Gallery is opened on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 noon to 5:00 pm, and by appointment during the week. “Take me Home for the Holidays" Small Painting Show runs from November 10th to December 31st. For information about the show, please call New Caplan at 845-831-6346 or 845-234-3204. 

Jane Campbell Bannerman. The granddaughter-in-law of the builder of Bannerman Island is celebrating her 102nd Birthday on March 15th. Jane is a retired interior designer and accomplished artist with a degree from Parsens School of Design. Jane spend many weekends with her late husband Charles S. Bannerman on Bannerman Island in the family residence. Jane Bannerman recalls the first time she painted the castle: “It was sometime in the early 1930’s, I had painted a picture of a small tower on the island with a cart in front of it. I was so excited that I finished my little gem, I ran to show it to my fiancée, Charlie. I said to him, “So Charlie, what do you think of my painting?, and he burst out laughing. I asked him “what is so funny about my painting?” “and he replied”, “ You painted the men’s latrine!”. “I was so upset, I would not paint the castle again until 1993, when I helped Neil Caplan form the Bannerman Castle Trust. Jane is one of the founding members of The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. and a member of the BCT Advisory Board. “ I so happy that The Bannerman Castle Trust has just stabilized the residence.”  “ Now  we need your help to stabilize the Castle!” To celebrate Jane’s milestone birthday, Jane is asking you to send a donation in her honor to The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. to help stabilize the main iconic castle structures on Bannerman Island. Your tax deductible donation will help with the emergency stabilization of the Castle buildings on Bannerman Island. Without your help, we will lose more of the iconic structures. Your birthday wish will be sent to Jane to celebrate her 102 years, and will help us perform the Phase One Stabilization of the main castle structures. Your names will be listed in our 2012 Hudson Valley Journal. Help us Save Bannerman Island. Please send your Birthday wish and donation to The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc., PO Box 843, Glenham, NY 12527-0843, or call Neil Caplan at 845-831-6346
_ The Bannerman Castle Trust is pleased to announce the first two scheduled events for 2012:  Bannerman Castle Photographic Workshops

The Bannerman Castle Trust offers two different types of Photographic Workshops that take you to the island to use the Castle ruins, the River and Highlands to create images. In both cases the participants will be taken to the Island and supported by Photographic Instructors, Historians and BCT staff.

The first tour would be a daytime shoot where participants would be taken to the island for appx.4 hours to shoot either early or late daylight; times are yet to be determined. Instruction will be informal as there will be a range of skill and interest levels among the participants.  The Instructors are there to assist and support your vision so please ask question.  The cost is $110.00.

The second tour is an overnight where you arrive around 4PM and stay till 10AM the next day. The basic schedule of events is: arrive at the island and set up a campsite, then a tour of island with Thom Johnson, followed by a presentation from Gabe Biderman and Matt Hill on methods and techniques of night photography. Shooting starts with sunset runs through the night and end the next morning with sunrise. Persons on this adventure need to bring the basics for and overnight; food, proper clothing, sleeping bag etc. The cost for this adventure is: $350.00 for the first time, 2nd time on $250.00.  Further info @: ruinism.com/night/Bannerman-castle-night-photography-workshop/

The second event is the Third Annual Chef’s Dinner on Bannerman’s Island:

September 8, 2012 (rain date September 9, 2012)

If you are interested in these events please contact neilcaplan@aol.com

Please watch for more information about upcoming events .