Thanks to Ken Masten for giving the Bannerman Castle Trust a replacement corner stone for the Bannerman residence.
Yesterday three members of the Stewart Air National Guard joined our regular Wednesday volunteers working on island maintenance. They did a wonderful job trimming back the hedges on the island.  
We really appreciate their efforts on such a hot day.

On Saturday September 27, 2014 fifteen alumni from Columbia University's Historic Preservation Program worked on Bannerman's Island.  Below a group is clearing a hillside of brush to get it ready for the planting of wild flowers.
Part of the group of fifteen volunteers from Preservation Alumni.
Bannerman's Island has been designed as a Monarch Butterfly Way Station.  This designation means that the island has milkweed and other plants which attract butterflies.  Monarch Butterflies use the island as a stop over on their annual migration to Mexico.  The picture below was taken on Bannerman's Island.
Yesterday a group of volunteers participated in NYS' I Love My Parks Day.  This group worked on Bannerman's Island and made the trails and gardens on the island come back to life after the long winter we had.

On behalf on the Bannerman Castle Trust I wish to thank each and everyone for their contribution to our park.

Once again Bannerman Island will be participating in New York State Parks I LOVE MY PARKS DAY - May 3, 2014.
We have room for 16 volunteers to come out to Bannerman's Island for the day.  During the time on the island volunteers will be helping island regulars with clean up, planting, clearing trails and general maintenance. 
If you wish to join us you can sign up on or after March 20 by going to:
Looking forward to seeing you on the island!
Barbara Gottlock
Volunteer Coordinator for the Bannerman Castle Trust
Jackie Bischof and her crew from the Wall Street Journal traveled to the island to check out the work going on there.
The article appeared in the Wall Street Journal January 13, 2014.
As of today the stabilization of the Tower on Bannerman's Island is well under way. Tiny Houses, Inc of Putnam Valley has placed scaffolding around the Tower walls and have installed several braces to reinforce the walls to prevent further deterioration of the structure.

On August 10, 2013 39 volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 27 from Newburgh, New York worked on a project directed by David Sager III.
19 scouts and 24 family and friends cleared trails, built steps and did general maintenance on Bannerman's island.

On behalf of the Bannerman Castle Trust I wish to thank them for all the hard work they did for us.

Barbara Gottlock
Volunteer Coordinator for the BCT
For more photographs of the project check our gallery under "Volunteers at Work."